Transfer Clients

Transfer clients are clients who had their Sisterlocks™ installed by a Sisterlocks™ consultant not employed or
contracted through Sumptuous Locks.


Transfer clients should expect an informal, mini-assessment during the first few minutes of a retightening appointment. Amongst many other things, we’re assessing the overall condition of your Sisterlocks™ and will determine how long the appointment will take and cost.

4-6 Week Appointments

Sumptuous Locks retightening fees are based on a 4-6 week retightening schedule. Any appointment that exceeds the 4-6 week schedule is subject to additional fees.

Sisterlocks ™ PatteRN

A unique Sisterlocks™ pattern is assigned to each client during the Sisterlocks™ Installation process. There are rare occasions when a client’s pattern may change. Sumptuous Locks consultants are trained to notify clients if their unique pattern changes. Each client reserves the right to inquire about her pattern even if she chooses to receive services elsewhere.


We offer exclusive repair services including but not limited to repairing grids, splitting locks, removing holes, and locking the bottom of sisterlocks.

Scheduling Online

Clients are welcome to call/ text message Sumptuous Locks staff to schedule appointments but are encouraged to schedule online if possible. It is usually an honest mistake, but we ask that clients are careful to not book two appointments online at once. If you find that you have scheduled two appointments at once, please send an email, text message, or voicemail listing the date you would like to have cancelled.

Avoiding Holes

Sisterlocks™ are most fragile in the first two years. The first two years of Sisterlocks™ are the most important because it sets the total foundation for your Sisterlocks experience. It is during the first few years that our consultants are on high alert for Sisterlocks™ holes.

Choosing a Category Online

Transfer clients may choose the online service category they believe best suits them. Our consultant will inform clients before the appointment begins if they belong in a different service category.

New Clients

It is always better when new clients know their Sisterlocks™ pattern. Therefore, new clients are encouraged to find out their Sisterlocks™ pattern from their previous or current Sisterlocks™ Consultant. If that’s not possible, we will do our best to figure out which pattern was used beforehand.